K-12 Learning Environment
A video demonstration of a new prototype to increase student engagement, featuring a new quiz taking experience

We had completed several tests in the Learning Environment team (prior to the re-org) that highlighted some major issues, including:

  • Students found if very difficult and unintuitive to navigate the system
  • There was no clear place to go to see what a student should do next or how to plan for upcoming work
  • Students didn’t discover key features such as notifications and profiles that help them stay informed and on top of work
  • The mobile experience was/is terrible or non-existent

Some of the business goals that I was considering were to::

  • Demonstrate that interaction designers could build dynamic (data-driven) and interactive prototypes using standard web technologies - more quickly and easily than any other tools/services such as Axure or Invision etc
  • Provide a vision for simplified learner experience that targeted the needs of online high school students - a new market - I was also trying to align my efforts with the K12 Inc requirements and long-term learning activity service work.
  • Create a framework and process to do external testing of prototypes - I was able to host the prototypes, conduct remote testing, and even use heatmaps and click maps to see how people were using the product